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Our 2013 Pantomime
Jack and The Beanstalk
The villagers tell Betty and William about the Ogre and  Dame Trot blames the Ogre for the all the problems in the village of Littledoin'.

 Simple Simon and the Squire are also having  financial difficulties!
To whom will Jack sell Daisy the cow to raise the money to pay Dame Trot's rent?
Butcher Jenkins wants her for meat, the crone wants her for milk. Even though Daisy always resists any attempts to milk her Jack sells her to the old crone for 5 magic beans.
Meanwhile Dame Trot teaches Simple Simon and William all about baking cakes.
Simple Simon and William offer to share their pies with Dame Trot.
Will she get any?

.... of course she won't.
Dame Trot threw the 'magic' beans into the garden in disgust
but, overnight, a giant beanstalk grew next to her cottage.
At the top of the beanstalk is Stratus, the land of the clouds.
Starshine (The Crone) admits she helped Jack to get to Stratus and
Nimbus the Queen sends Cirrus to fetch the magic axe so Jack can kill the ogre.
The ogre had captured Butcher Jenkins' wife, Lady Alice and her Nurse and stolen the Squire's Golden Harp and the hen that laid the golden eggs but Jack retrieved them all and killed the ogre.
Hurrah! The Ogre's dead!
Daisy is returned to Jack, safe and sound, and everyone lives happily ever after which is,
of course, just how it should be!